What does Charlotte do for her $140k paycheck?

January 23, 2009 | The Hillsider


Charlotte DeFilippo

King Street resident Charlotte DeFilippo, who pulls the strings of the Hillside and Union County Democratic officials affiliated with her organizations, makes a living as executive director of something called the Union County Improvement Authority.

But what does she do exactly for that cool $143,410 she makes a year?

The short answer: Who knows?

NJ.com columnist John Bury explains:

Basically, if you want something big built in Union County and don’t want to ask the taxpayers in any meaningful way, you run it through the UCIA. They bond to get the money for it; get it built; then bill the city or county to lease the property to repay the debt.

“For this they take $528,000 to run the office and funnel tax money to “vendors” of their choosing,” Bury says.

Some of those vendors — one of whom has collected over $4.3 million from the UCIA over the last four years — then give some of that money back to DeFilippo in the form of campaign contributions to her committees and candidates.

The operations of the UCIA are so out of the way, so removed from public scrutiny, that it’s practically impossible to know what they, er, she is doing with public money.

In fact, the UCIA operations are conducted from DeFilippo’s Hillside home, where she can smoke and surf the Internet all day at the same time she’s running her campaigns and keeping tabs on her freeholders.

“These people seem to think that their work schedules or lack of are something that they are entitled to,” writes Patricia Quattrocchi in her PolitickerNJ column about county “no-show” jobs.

“It appears that it is not against the law to have a no show job as long as one’s employment contract does not call for one to actually report to a job site where the work is expected to be carried out.”

Nice work, if you can get it.

  1. 4 Responses to “What does Charlotte do for her $140k paycheck?”

  2. By hillside resident on Jan 24, 2009 | Reply

    wow!!! what could we do about this? Hillside is driven to the ground and powerful political people like Charlotte will get away with it with our taxpayer’s money. She does not only smoke and surf the web, but she spend time looking out of her window, spying on everybody; she is so mean spirited. Charlotte has no companion for anybody, like another writer stated, Charlotte will: “throw you underer the bus”. For example, this person told me that once when he came in to join the UCIA and she started bad mouthing her neighbors, like: ” how sick they were”; this person walked out on her. By the way, how many things need her services in hillside. For instance, we could have volunteers to grow those flowers, like people in the community, children in school, etc. We must unite as a community

  3. By Pearl227 on Jan 24, 2009 | Reply

    We must unite as a community. Until then it will be continue to be status quo. What is it going to take for the community to stand up and say enough is enough or is the majority controlled by the machine????

  4. By John Bury on Feb 7, 2009 | Reply

    I’m beginning to think Charlotte DeFillippo isn’t the problem. She’s just a conduit who gets off on the attention. A pawn.

    You look at the UCIA bills and there’s DeCotiis, Fitzpatrick getting from $1 to $1.5 million a year (bills were incomplete on UCWA check registry) and that’s who is really benefiting. They funnel some of that money back in campaign contributions and the merry-go-round turns. The trick is to stack the freeholder board with empty suits who won’t be outraged at the back-room dealing and accept the sinecures they’ve been assigned.

  5. By kowalski on Feb 10, 2009 | Reply

    The good people of Hillside will continue to get and, more importantly, deserve the Charlotte DeFillippos untill they opt for a change. Welcome to NJ. Stop complaining about this mess and do something, anything !!

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